Via Francigena

“Via Francigena” is one of the most famous and fascinating road of Tuscany.
Its history is very interesting and dates back to before the Middle Ages, when the Lombards realized they needed a safe road connecting Pavia to the duchies of Spoleto and Benevento.
Later with the union to the Kingdom of the Franks this street took the name of “Via Francigena”, that is “road original from France”.

This road allowed also the transit of merchants and armies, but it became important for pilgrims, who at the beginning traveled from Canterbury to arrive to the Pope in Rome, but over time they began to descend even further to the south of Italy until they reached Brindisi where they could embark for the Holy Land.

Today you have the opportunity to travel the route in Tuscany and experience a pilgrimage in the middle of its hills and its beautiful landscapes, passing through many monuments and works of art, on foot or by bike.
Everything is well organized, with places where people can stop to stay or eat something.

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