Origin of the name Florence

The origin of the name of Florence does not have a single story, but rather different and very interesting.

One of the many stories says that it comes from “Florentia“, a term of Etruscan origin, and it is thought that it could indicate the city of Flora. This city was born during the celebrations in honor of the Roman goddess of flowers that is Flora.
Another story refers to an Etruscan term: “Birent” or “Birenz”. It means “Earth among the waters“, that is a marshy land since there are the two tributaries of the Arno, namely Mugnone and Affrico.

This term in Latin became “Florentia“, which later with the transition to modern Italian became first “Fiorenza” and then Florence. A more mythological story is about a noble citizen named Fiorino who, during several sieges of the Roman troops, was killed on a meadow where there were many lilies that became red because of his blood. So from him the name of the city.

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